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Dr. Steven D. Stark's professional career has been marked by repeatedly breaking new ground in the field of sports medicine and biomechanics! Learn More

How many times have you seen kiosks at shopping malls, Exhibition events, Fairgrounds, and Marketplaces selling “Orthotics”? Are these devices a prescription item? Diagnosed by a Doctor? Manufactured by a reputable Lab?  The answer is NO! Read More

Learn how to stretch properly.

An informed approach for all activities and every sport. Read More

Whether you're a golfer, a gardener, a hockey player or a runner - young or old, the 5 major muscle groups of the lower extremities all stretch the same way! Read More




How long do Orthotics last? Why do people shrink? How long should I hold a stretch?


For answers to these and other questions. Read More

What to do for cracked heels. Why children may need orthotics. How to care for your feet in the Winter.

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"The Stark Reality of Stretching" offers a current and concise understanding of why we should stretch.  It provides the science, anatomy, definitions, and illustrations necessary to understand how to stretch properly, and why the wrong stretches can cause injury. This is a book about facts.  In it you’ll find a Glossary of 116 definitions and terminologies as well as a Bibliography of over 60 studies from all over the world. SECTION 4 you’ll find an Easy Reference to Correct Stretches that you can take to the gym.

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