Not all Orthotics are equal!

Do you recognize your current
Arch Supports or Orthotics shown on Fig.1?

These are several examples of devises that can cause damage.

How many times have you seen Kiosks at shopping malls, Exhibition events, Fairgrounds, and Marketplaces selling “Orthotics”?

Are these devices a prescription item? Diagnosed by a Doctor? Manufactured by a reputable Lab?  The answer is NO!

Insurance companies and Extended Health Providers have had to set very rigid parameters and are requiring detailed feedback from qualified medical practitioners to curb the abundance of “Arch Supports” and “Modified Prefabricated Inserts” being sold to unsuspecting consumers.

Fig 1.jpg

At our Medical Clinic we specialize in ensuring that your needs are addressed with state of the art custom made Orthotics as shown on Figures 2 and 3.

Our objective is to provide the best information to our patients. We insure they understand their diagnosis and can participate in their recovery.

Our aim is to restore stability, mechanical advantage, and full range of motion to the forefoot if possible. This is accomplished by stabilizing the ball of the foot with a forefoot post which keeps the arch of the foot from compensating.

When we cast a patient for Orthotics, we guarantee that the Lab uses the latest technology and produces this important and essential device to meet all standards and satisfy the regulatory requirements.

Fig 2.jpg

In order to prevent joint damage and plantar fasciitis*, it is vital that the semi-rigid shell of the Orthotic does not make contact with the 1st metatarsal head (the big toe joint).

Please note the arrow indicating the necessary cut out in the accompanying picture (Fig. 3).

* Plantar Fasciitis is caused by increased traction on the plantar fascia due to changes in the forefoot and arch and also by poorly made Orthotics. If an Orthotic shell (the rigid part) blocks joint motion at the ball of the foot, it can cause increased traction on the plantar fascia causing tearing of the periosteum of the heel.