"I came to see you last November, I couldn't run 10 minutes.  I got orthotics from you and followed your stretching program.  I just wanted you to know that I completed the 'Ironman' in Pentiction, British Columbia, Canada and came in 6th in my age group  and took 30 minutes off my run time and qualified for the Hawaii USA Ironman!  With all my heart THANK-YOU! 'Sharon Secord", "took 30 minutes off my run time and qualified for the Hawaii USA Ironman!".

Sharon Secord,  Ironman Athlete,  Surrey, British Columbia

"Finally somebody who got it right!  Stretching is vital to good health.   The Stark Reality of Stretching is an excellent source for achieving good health!  Finally somebody who got it right!"

Edward, Storrs Mansfield, Conneticutt USA

"Safe for beginners; insightful for the experienced.  I think it is a worthy addition to the library of any serious athlete, martial artist (in my case), or anyone who wants to stay fit.  This book demonstrates a safe way to stretch, even for beginners and the terminally tight.  There are clear diagrams of the targeted muscle groups.  The "right" way to stretch is shown along with common mistakes that should be avoided and there are explanations of why these mistakes should be avoided (e.g. a mistake will end up stretching a ligament, not the targeted muscle).  Explanations are given along with all the instructions.  There are also explanations of the problems that can be caused if proper stretching is not practiced (e.g. bunions or plantar fascitis pain could be caused by tight calf muscled).  Get this book for safe lower body stretching.

College Park, Maryland USA


"An amazing book that could reduce your body pain".  I picked this book up after suffering, for the first time in my life at 37 years of age, SEVERE shin-splints.  It's impossible to say in this short space how much the book helped me in all my activities.  I was surprised to see that some common stretches are just plain harmful and dangerous (for example the 'hurdlers' stretch inflicting long-term damage to the knee ligaments of the trailing leg).  A first rate purchase, in my opinion.  It's a fantastic book!', "An amazing book that could reduce your body pain".

Tomasjpn from Omiya, Saitama, Japan

"Dr. Stark notes the unfortunate drop out rate of 'young' athletes, - forced into retirement due to repeated injury related to improper training.  One is surprised to learn that some of the stretching and warm-up exercises that have been taught to virtually all school children may be the beginning of a long fall into serious and chronic soft tissue injury.

The strength of this book is that it is a "new" presentation of the latest view of physiological muscle stretching at optimum strength and safety.  Rather than relying on decades of dogma regarding athletic stretching techniques, Dr. Stark has done an excellent job of researching this subject; wading through over 50 sources of 'medical' literature.  To this he has added his nearly 30 years of experience with sports medicine patients including athletes of world class.  This is not to say that the book is highly technical.  The proper methods of stretching are uncomplicated and easy to understand.  Illustrations of stretches are clear and easily followed.  The accompanying instructions are broken down into important muscle groups including the majority of common injury and problem sites. T he Stark reality should be a must read for athletes, Phys-Ed teachers and those in the physical medical field.  Dr. Stark notes the unfortunate drop out rate of 'young' athletes, - forced into retirement due to repeated injury related to improper training".

Denver Colorado USA