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Learn how to stretch properly. An informed approach for all activities and every sport... 

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"The Stark Reality of Stretching" offers a current and concise understanding of why we should stretch.  It provides the science, anatomy, definitions, and illustrations necessary to understand how to stretch properly, and why the wrong stretches can cause injury.

This is a book about facts.  In it you’ll find a Glossary of 116 definitions and terminologies as well as a Bibliography of over 60 studies from all over the world. SECTION 4 you’ll find an Easy Reference to Correct Stretches that you can take to the gym.



New Revised 5th Edition

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"I came to see you last November, I couldn't run 10 minutes.  I got orthotics from you and followed your stretching program. - Read More 

Sharon Secord,  Ironman Athlete,  Surrey, British Columbia

"Finally somebody who got it right!  - Read More

Edward, Storrs Mansfield, Conneticutt USA

"An amazing book that could reduce your body pain".  I picked this book up after suffering, for the first time in my life at 37 years of age, SEVERE shin-splints.  - Read More

Tomasjpn from Omiya, Saitama, Japan

"There are also explanations of the problems that can be caused if proper stretching is not practiced (e.g. bunions or plantar fascitis pain could be caused by tight calf muscled).  - Read More

College Park, Maryland USA

"Dr. Stark notes the unfortunate drop out rate of 'young' athletes, - forced into retirement due to repeated injury related to improper training...The Stark reality should be a must read for athletes, Phys-Ed teachers and those in the physical medical field.. - Read More

Denver Colorado USA


Calgary Herald - Susan Scott

Author exposes the dangers of some well-known and often-used stretches. - Read More

Vancouver Province - Sherri Kwasnicki

The controversial book ‘The Stark Reality of Stretching” suggests that some traditional methods of stretching may be doing more harm than good. Dr. Stark’s credentials are impeccable. - Read More

Toronto Star – Marlene Habib

The healthy power of stretching

Dr. Stark who specializes in biomechanics is a saviour to a range of active individuals – from those in Avril Douglas’ high-calibre class, to recreational athletes and weekend walkers. - Read More

Now - Michael Booth

Proper stretching is key to athletic performance.

According to Dr. Stark, a properly stretched and elongated muscle actually stores energy which helps an athlete perform to the best of his ability. - Read More

Georgia Straight – Jennifer Van Evra

According to Dr. Stark, a podiatrist who specializes in sports medicine and biomechanics, almost everyone develops muscle imbalances in the lower body because the muscles that keep us walking, running, standing, and even sitting, shorten dramatically over time with usage and fatigue. Nearly everyone has a dominant side. - Read More